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Live Writer


Word processing updated for the Internet Age

Live Writer is like Microsoft Word...only better!

Live Writer is a web-enabled word processing authoring application that gives you unprecedented choice and flexibility without having to worry about incompatibilities around operating systems, application versions or document formats.

Live Writer gives you several unique capabilities:

Share with anyone
Co-edit with any number of users

Share your documents with anyone without worrying about application or operating system compatibilities.

You can also specify "who can do what" to your presentation and change these rights dynamically.


Multiple users can edit a document at the same time - you can see other people's changes merged instantly.


Create print-perfect documents
Word import and export
What you see on the screen is what you'll get when you print. Fonts, letter spacing, colors, and graphics are all reproduced exactly.  
Import your Word documents into Live Writer and give them a makeover! Other formats such as Open Office Writer are also supported in both directions - import and export.
Integrate web components
Control versions and keep track of changes
Live Writer is web-enabled in both the browser and desktop modes - in addition to making your documents collaborative and ubiquitous, it leverages other web services such as Flickr, Google Translate and Yahoo Maps to enhance your documents.   Avoid editing and reviewing conflicts since everyone works with the same version of the same document. Use the history feature to view and compare changes made or revert to a previous version.

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