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Live Spreadsheets

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Spreadsheets for the 21st Century

Live Spreadsheets is like Microsoft Excel...only easier to use and more powerful!

Live Spreadsheets a web-enabled spreadsheet application. If you've ever used Excel before, you already know how to use Live Spreadsheets.

Live Spreadsheets gives you several unique capabilities:

Share with anyone

Share your spreadsheets with anyone without worrying about application or operating system compatibilities.

You can also specify "who can do what" to your spreadsheet and change these rights dynamically.


Multiple users can edit a spreadsheet at the same time - you can see other people's changes merged instantly.


File and cell-level activity alerts
Track revisions at a cell level

Set alerts to be notified when your collaborators open or, edit spreadsheets or specific cells.

Live Spreadsheets also allows you to set alerts down to the cell-level using the "Track Cells" feature. Here, you can specify a condition for a particular cell and when this condition is satisfied, an alert notification is automatically sent out including details about when the change was made, who made the changes and what the pre-change data value was.


Maintain a complete auditable history of your spreadsheets for tracking and compliance purposes.

Live Spreadsheet provides Cell History Reports - just right-click on a cell and select "Revisions" to see all the changes that were made to the cell over the document's life cycle.

Excel import and export
Embed tables and charts to your blog and website.  

Import your Excel spreadsheets into Live Spreadsheets and give them a makeover! Other formats such as Open Office Calc are also supported in both directions - import and export.

Click on the tabs on the left to learn more or sign up for a free account and see for yourself.