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Compare with Office 2010 Web Apps

3 ways in which Live Documents beats Microsoft Office Web apps

For the first time, Microsoft is offering a web-based complement to its desktop offerings in the form of "lightweight" versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint that run in the browser as part of the upcoming Office 2010 release.



Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2003 formats

While the Office 2010 webs apps do a fair job of roundtripping your documents, support is provided only for the new Office OpenXML formats (docx, pptx and xlsx) - older document format such as doc, xls and ppt which are far more prevalent are not editable. On the other hand, Live Documents allows seamless import and editing of Microsoft Office doc, ppt and xls files (as well as the new Office formats).

Even for the supported formats, Microsoft disallows editing if the imported document contains aspects such as macros and data validation resulting in an even smaller footprint of supported documents. With Live Documents, there is no such restriction - in the unlikely event that the imported document contains some element that is currently unsupported, these are not dropped and when the document is exported back to Microsoft Office formats, they are retained as in the original.






Richer feature set

In Microsoft's new world view, the "Service" component is an afterthought - a bare-bones, stripped-down version of the software part and/or a marginal addition of web functionality to the software application designed primarily to allow the perpetuation of its software monopoly rather than to offer the end user true choice and flexibility.

We believe that the browser is perfectly capable of offering applications that can rival desktop equivalents in richness and responsiveness - our browser version is feature comparable to the Office 2010 desktop version.

What new features do the software versions of Office 2010 offer?

Word 2010 will offer the following:

  • Real-time co-editing (only in desktop version): Available in Live Documents today? Yes.
  • Image editing and filters: Available in Live Documents today? Yes.

PowerPoint 2010 will offer the following (only in the desktop version):

  • Broadcast remotely: Available in Live Documents today? Yes.
  • Animation painter: Available in Live Documents today? Yes.

Excel 2010 will offer the following:

  • Real-time co-editing (only in web version): Available in Live Documents today? Yes.
  • In-cell visualizations (sparklines): Available in Live Documents today? Yes.






Better collaboration

Coediting - where more than one user is editing a document at the same time - is supported only in the online version of Excel 2010. The other web apps - such as Word and PowerPoint - do not provide this feature ensuring that people "collaborate" the old way - emailing documents back and forth!

Live Documents supports coediting for all applications - word processing, presentations and spreadsheets. Also, unlike Microsoft Office, Live Documents tracks and records changes at a granular level - at a slide/paragraph/cell level in Word, Presentations and Spreadsheets respectively. This allows more seamless collaboration with a far lower possibility of conflicts and overriding each other's changes.