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Live Documents has two deployment options available; making it one of the most flexible solutions today for your organization. Both options offer the same core set of features but vary in level of customization and control.

If you have additional questions about which option is best suited to your IT infrastructure needs please email .


Install Live Documents on your own server hardware.

Use the hosted Live Documents service.

Overall Deployment Flexibility


Choose the type of hardware and configuration for your server; set all feature and service policies; flexibility to integrate with other internal systems as needed.

Medium to High.

Limit your IT involvement in hardware and software maintenance; more limited feature configuration; flexibility for customizations or additional hosted services (eg. a hosted CRM).


All features available.

All end-user features available; limited administration features.

Support and SLA

24/7 support available.

Your IT team owns the server and hardware SLA internally.

24/7 support and uptime guarantees available


Your IT team manages sizing and hardware configuration.

Live Documents team(or VAR) can assist on sizing and migration.

For larger deployments Professional Services available.

Live Documents team manages deployment and user management.

Migration assistance and professional services available.


Maximum flexibility to tune configuration, domain and manage policies

Customize branding and skins.

Integrate with internal enterprise applications, identity infrastructure and custom web services.



Manage all aspects of the server, class-of-service (CoS ), back-up policies, user provisioning and delegated administrators.



Per user / year with discounts for education, government, and non-profits. Perpetual pricing plans also available

Annual pricing available.